Thursday, April 15, 2010

Frick, Frick, Frick!

Today was a lovely day in Pittsburgh. We had sunshine and temperature close to 80 degrees!!!! With all of the trees and flowers blooming, it was perfect cycling weather! The original plan was to drive out to the Butler-Freeport Community trail (a 16-mile trail just North of Pittsburgh) but I had car trouble :-( . Well not really trouble but one of my rear windows would not go back up so I had to go to a shop to get a temporary duck-tape fix until next week. Anywho, the time wasted made me not want to drive so I just went down the road to Frick Park. All in all I did a total of 7.69 miles. Given the humidity and heat, it is probably a good idea I didn't attempt the 32 mile excursion I originally intended.

Sadly, however, some of the trails in Frick were closed, making navigation a little difficult since I'm not completely familiar with the trails yet. I should probably find a map of some sorts. I saw a girl running with the cutest dog ever. While I was taking a water break, he just walked up, sat, and looked at me for like 30 sec. I had to tell him "Hi" for him to move lol.

The weather will be rainy and cold for the weekend :0( so no biking for me. Hmm, maybe next time Butler Trail. We'll see...

Ride Length: 7.69 miles