Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Ride

Today I woke up and decided that I wanted to go for a bike ride.  Here in Pittsburgh, the temperature was in the 80's and the humidity not too bad.  I took the Panther Hollow Trail to the Junction Hollow Trail.  The PH trail was a little messy. There were fallen tree branches and more rocks on the trail than usual. But all in all it was still a fun trip down (not so much back up but that's a different story).

Since it was Father's Day, there were a lot of families cycling around the city.  My first stop was Station Square.  I sat and enjoyed the music playing from the Pittsburgh version of the Bellagio watershow in Las Vegas.  It is a real treat for kids who like to get close to the fountain which sprays water out.  I also went to Point State Park, the River Trail, PNC park, and the Eliza Furnace Trail.  Awesome ride all in all.  Good way to begin a week...

Ride Length:  18.97 miles

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hitting the Trails: Montour Trail

Today I traveled outside of the city to explore the other trails in the area.  I visited the Montour Trail and had a nice time.  It was pretty hot today (upper 80's in fact).  The trail surface is of crushed limestone which I found to be a little more difficult to ride on as expected.  Nevertheless, the ride was really nice and I would recommend the trail to anyone.

Along the way I crossed paths with a group making an across-country tour in memory of a fallen soldier, Cpl Christopher G. Scherer, USMC.  Christoper lost his live while serving in Iraq July 21, 2007.  The group, named "Team Chris", is also riding to help wounded soldier Sgt. Leo Chargalauf, USMC. More information on the groups journey, the goals for the ride, and Cpl Chris and Sgt Leo can be found at:!/group.php?gid=106148432762836
Team Chris posing for a picture on the Montour Trail

Donations for the cause can be made at:

Today was a great day.  Meeting "Team Chris" and reading about their mission inspires me to do something for another person.  I too have had family members who have served in Iraq (one of which was injured during duty).  I appreciate the sacrifices they and all other members of the U.S. military have made to ensure safety for us here in the U.S.

Ride Length:  16.07 miles

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New GEAR!!!!

Ebay is like one of the best sites ever made!  I got 2 Pearl Izumi Jackets (New With Tags) for less than the price of one.

The first is a rip-off sleeve Pearl Izumi Vagabond Jacket/Vest.  It is form fitting and very light.  It retails for $99.

The second is a Pearl Izumi Infinity Jacket in pink and brown.  This jacket isn't convertible like the Vagabond but still a great feeling and looking jacket.  It is a little heavier than the Vagabond since I think it's more for cool weather and is a little less form fitting.  The two jackets are different but both great in their own respects.  

Lesson today: Before you spend hundreds of dollars in gear, check out eBay. Can save you a lot of money and still have you looking like a seasoned cyclist!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

San Francisco Dreaming

I recently returned from 3 weeks in San Francisco. I had such an amazing time and really had a chance to get to know the city. On my last weekend, Lorant and I took a really nice ride from Hayes Valley (a neighborhood) to Ocean Beach via Golden Gate Park. The ride was AWESOME and was also my first time on a ROAD BIKE. The stem was a little long but the frame was pretty good for me and I was able to ride comfortably. I guess I have something to look forward to for next year ;-) I will definitely be purchasing a road bike next year.

The best part about the ride was the company I had while taking it. The ride was so beautiful and the beach at the end was an added bonus. Definitely a perfect ending to a perfect trip.

Until next time SF...

Ride Length: ~12 miles