Friday, March 19, 2010

Morning Ride: Homewood Cemetery

This morning, my lab mate and I took a short morning ride to the Homewood Cemetery. Now one might wonder "Why would you want to ride in a cemetery?". It's actually an impressive and beautiful (in it's own regard) place with nice paths that people enjoy walking, running, and cycling.

Last night I installed my bike computer to the new bike so that I can track my rides. I also will post my routes on

We rode for a little under an hour and the total distance was 5.52 miles. There is a lot of winding, rolling paved paths inside the cemetery that made the ride a nice workout. The cemetery has a section where war vets are buried. Also, some of the dates on the tombstone heads date back to the very early 1900's. The Homewood Cemetery is also deemed a Historical Site. Here is a picture of me in with one of the many impressive mausoleums.

Ride Length: 5.52 miles


  1. Hey girl. Love your blog and your bike! You look great on it ;)

  2. haha... there's something about cemeteries.. (copy/paste)

    .... Some joggers are running for the hills to the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland. Regulars tell us the views of San Francisco are to die for, but seriously it’s 200 acres of rolling greens and sweeping vistas. The run is known for its serenity and steep inclines. It’s a hidden gem with endless possibilities so you won’t get bored.