Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One bike, two bikes, three bikes, four...


I've tried out so many bikes lately, I feel like a 2 cent whore. LOL....not really but I have tried a lot of bikes out. Here is the runaround of what I have found.

I have already told you about my adventures at the Trek store here in Pittsburgh. But there are a other bike stores in the area that I have visited.

*Side note* LBS = Local Bike Store ===> I learned that today reading bike blogs

First Stop: Pittsburgh Pro Bikes
Brands: Specialized, Cannondale, and Giant

Second Stop: Bike Tek
Brands: Jamis, Raleigh, and Felt

After about bike 3, I really couldn't feel the difference anymore. Apparently the difference between brands and models comes down to one small addition or subtraction of a component. Doesn't really help me out much tho. I was still able to narrow my choices down to two. And the nominees are....
  1. Specialized Sirrus Sport: This bike is pretty light and very nice looking. I love the style of the bike. I must admit that trigger shifters took a little getting used to. The bike is pretty quick and by the time I figured out how to change gears, I was already at the end of the block. A highlight of this bike is its partially carbon fork. Carbon fiber is a lighter material than aluminum and steel. This bike was so light i could pick it up to shoulder height with one hand. :-)
  2. Giant Seek 2: Giant seems to be a company not into flashiness; therefore, the bikes tend to look like it was stolen and stripped of all it's markings. Nevertheless, this bike is AWESOME. It has hydraulic disc brakes, which I have learned are essential for all-weather riding. Aside from that the bikes is 27 speed and a pretty nice deal. Giant is the only company that offers disc brakes at this price point.

*Side Fact* - G. Joannou Cycle, the company that produces Jamis Bikes, has a woman President/CEO. Her name is Carine Joannou and took over the company from her father in 1981. GIRL POWER!!!

What do you think about the two bikes I have selected?


  1. Paul Martel finds this to be interesting.

  2. Don't ask me for input, cuz I'd say get the Seek for the bigger Rims :) Bike may not be flashy, but they'll see you coming! (yeah yeah, one inch may not make that much of a difference)