Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shape-up Time

Here I am getting coffee at my local Crazy Mocha, and I see an advertisement for a 5K that will be held on my birthday.  For those of you who know me, you know that I must participate....but you also know I HATE RUNNING!!!!

For those of you who don't know me...

Last year I decided to embark on running.  As a former soccer player, I did a good bit of running my entire life but it of course envolved a ball and defending something (the goal).  The thing that made me stop playing soccer was the off-season training I had to endure my years playing at Grambling State University. It absolutely SUCKED and my coach was a madman (not really ;-) ).  Nevertheless, running was just not my thing.

For my 24th bday, I decided that I was going to run so I bought some shoes and signed up for the Pittsburgh Great Race.  My "training" consisted of about 5 runs varying in length with none over 3 miles.  After 5 runs of preparation I ran my first 5K (which was my first time running in like 3 years!!!)  I finished the race with a time of 35:35.  Not bad I guess given I had to pee at the end of mile 2. Boy that was uncomfortable!  I stopped a few times during the course within the last 1.5 miles.

My second 5K last year was the week after the Great Race.  I did the Run Shadyside 5K and vowed to run the entire race - NO STOPPING!!!  Well I accomplished that goal and finished in 33:24.  I was proud because I didn't stop and I beat my Great Race time.

So alas, it is 5K season again and I am going to be ready this time.  I will have about a month to get in race shape.  Wish me luck.  I will need it!

Picture: Me after the Pittsburgh Great Race....and after peeing


  1. Good Luck homie! Happy training.. and don't forget to pee BEFORE u get in line to run =)

  2. time to get back on that bike!