Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beth Pruitt - Denise Denton Emerging Leader Award

I had the pleasures of attending a talk by Dr. Beth Pruitt, the Denise Denton Emerging Leader Award.  Dr. Pruitt told us about her personal career path as well as the research being done in her lab.

I found that I surprisingly have a lot in common with Dr. Pruitt.  She is an avid outdoors sportswoman, participating in hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and whitewater rafting.  Given the theme of this blog, you can probably guess that I love cycling too.  She even for a summer enrolled in whitewater rafting school that she participated in on evenings after going to the lab.

It was fitting that Dr. Pruitt spoke in the session following the impostor syndrome panel because she took the opportunity to tell us about times in her career when she too felt like an impostor.  Her current research deals with the use of MEMS technology to study the sense of touch.  She had to learn a lot of biology in order to be successful and expressed some of the difficulties she faced in doing so.  I too had to learn a new set of terminology and techniques when I went from the Computer Science to Biomedical Engineering field.  Dr. Pruitt definitely inspired me to continue learning and never give up.

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