Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh Schenley....

I'm BACK!!!!  I know it has been a while since I've posted about cycling but rest assured I am back and back on the bike!  Today I decided to stay *local* (the Squirrel Hill area) and I must say, my neighborhood kicked my little lazy butt!  I decided to try out the trails in Schenley park (map).  I have previously used the Lower Panther Hollow Trail to get me to the beginning of the Eliza Furnace trail but never took the time to appreciate the trails there.  I started out by taking the Upper Panther Hollow (Bartlett Street entrance) to it's conclusion.  There were still a good bit of leaves around which I thought made the ride even more enjoyable.  I love the Fall season in Pittsburgh; especially when the leaves are changing.  I unfortunately missed the peak of the season but am happy to get a few rides in before the winter chill hits.
View of Panter Hollow lake from Panther Hollow bridge

The weather was pretty decent.  I had purchased some Pearl Izumi tights from REI during a sale they were having ( and today's weather was the perfect opportunity to try them out.  I LOVE them.  I would definitely recommend them if you need some nice, affordable (well on sale at least) tights to add to your gear.

All in all the ride was great! It was a short ride because of all the hills and my poor cardio at the moment.  A lot of it went quick in the downhill of course.  I must say, some of the trails in Schenley excited me and made me wish I had a mountain bike ;-)  After the ride, I stopped into 61C cafe for a fresh fruit and juice smoothie. Yummm.  And as any addict would, had to stop into my LBS (it's on the way home) to check out the offerings.  Let's just say I didn't leave empty handed ;-)  I look forward to hitting the trails again tomorrow with some of my friends.  Until next time...

Distance: 5.18 miles
Time: 38 minutes

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