Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Ride #FAIL

I realized just why I need to learn basic bicycle maintenance today.  My officemates and I planned to FINALLY take a ride and we were going to do it today.  On my way to meet up with the guys, I noticed that my front disc was rubbing and that my brakes felt kinda off.  I pulled over and made sure my disc was properly position and then kept it moving.  At the meeting point, I again check the bike because the rubbing sound was still there.  Now the officemates are trying to figure out whats going on and did some fiddling with the brake which made the disc no longer slide into it's slot.  Here I am on Shady and Beacon now with a wheel in my hand and no way to get it in.

The good thing is that there are two bike shops not to far from me.  The bad thing is that it is Sunday and didn't open for another hour.  So I locked my bike outside the shop and headed over to Pamela's for some of their famous hotcakes :-)  Might as well have something good come out of being awake early.  When the shop finally opened, the guy took 5 minutes to fix the problem.  Now, she runs like a beauty! :-)  Lessons learned today:

1)  Don't let your friends touch your bike unless they know what they are doing

2)  I suck for not being able to fix the problem myself

3)  There are adult bike maintenance classes weekly that I should probably check out.

My bike looks so sad and dismantled.  This is it parked in front of Pittsburgh Pro Bikes in Squirrel Hill.

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